The Best Medicare supplement plans for Medicare seniors

How does a married couple make the most of Medicare and an employer health  plan? | PBS NewsHourYou’ve probably heard a lot of advice about which supplement is best for you over the years, the right combination of medications, vitamins, and minerals can help keep your heart healthy and reduce your risk of disease, but which one is best for your specific needs?   You may be wondering how a 74-year-old woman can take enough prescription medications to meet her needs while also choosing to purchase supplements that will keep her heart healthy and reduce her risk of disease, fortunately, there are many excellent options available for seniors who want to stay healthy and happy.   What Is a Medicare Supplement Plan?   A Medicare supplement plan is a contract you sign with the Department of Health and Human Services that gives you specific access to benefits and providers through Medicare, you can apply for a Medicare supplement plan online and in person at a clinic or office and the plan is separate from your regular health plan and will cover you for the same amount each month as long as you make minimum contributions to your plan. How Much Does a Medicare Supplement Plan Cost?   You’ll need to pay for your supplement plan each month even if you don’t use it, you can find Medicare supplement plans schedule on the HHS website, and here are two methods to find the right amount:   
  • Determine how much you used in the past 12 months. 
  • Do a simple one-time calculation to see how much you may need in one sitting.
  The Best Medicare Supplement Plan for Elderly People   A healthy heart rhythm is important because it helps prevent heart attacks and strokes- here are two Medicare supplement plans that will help you stay healthy and free of disease, elderly people are more likely to develop heart disease and other types of cancer and they also have higher blood pressure and a higher likelihood of having a stroke or a heart attack.  
  • Aetna coverage: This is Aetna’s commercial health insurance plan for people over the age of 65. 
  • PPO coverage: This is a specialty doctor’s health insurance plan as opposed to Medicare’s traditional plan.
  The Bottom Line   There are many good benefits to a Medicare supplement plan, but the best one for seniors is the PPO Medicare coverage, this is a Medicare option for people who are 85 or older and have high blood pressure or a history of heart disease, the coverage you get will depend on your circumstances and the plan you choose.    Although Medicare has made an effort to make it simpler for people to select the type of coverage they want, the process is still very onerous, you must first obtain a health assessment, make any required minimum contributions before making any required maximum contributions, and pay any premiums before the coverage begins; however, this process is unnecessary because PPO Medicare coverage is not a limited payment plan, and people can choose between traditional Medicare and an optional Medicare Advantage plan.   Other advantages include a lower monthly premium that can help protect your wallet if you become ill or face a financial emergency, as well as a lower monthly deductible that can help you pay for coverage over time, now that you’ve heard everything, it’s time to start planning for your retirement; Retirement requires time and effort, and you want to make sure you’re taking the right steps to avoid becoming financially obese or entering nursing home dementia care- these are just a couple of suggestions to help you stay on track with your retirement planning.

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